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Founded as a consumer products sourcing company in 2007 Dakong has evolved into an integrated manufacturer of educational sets and activity kits. We believe in the pursuit of learning, specifically among young children, through off-screen activities. Our clients are international book publishers, providers of home & school curriculums, and makers of craft activities.

Educational Sets

From pre-school to middle school, Dakong provides all the resources you need to build hands-on learning kits that help children develop skills. Our kits include language learning and phonetics, along with early science, technology and math exploration. Demonstrated materials: magnetics, dry erase, EVA tiles, stickers, saddle-stitched booklets, and science classroom components.

Activity Kits

Creative play opens doors for learning. Our combined sourcing and manufacturing expertise enable you to capture every child’s natural curiosity as they explore multi-faceted activities. Let our children learn through creative play. Demonstrated materials: felt, yarn, glue, pom poms, acrylic and tempera paint, markers, paintbrushes, printed cards, googly eyes, and injection molded plastic.

Product Development

We speak your creative language with a seasoned sourcing team having diverse product experience.

Packaging Architecture

Our team of engineers is ready to enhance your design whether it needs higher function or more cost efficiency.

Color Expert

Our printing experts calibrate colors on press to clearly represent your art. With a measurable color system, we ensure consistency.

Manufacturing and Kitting

We produce individual kit packaging, paper inserts, and printed paper cards and punch-outs. Those materials are then used on our complete kit assembly lines.

Quality & Safety Assurance

Our in-house quality team ensure quality throughout the production process. We routinely engage testing for CPSIA, REACH, EN71, and ASTM F-963.

Supply Chain Management

We support your fulfillment needs across the world while maximizing freight efficiency.

"More than ever it takes compelling activities to get children away from the screen. This translates into the need for more imaginative and creative products. Our job is to develop these ideas into a physical form that follows through on the intended creative direction. To do this we take an active role in each of the steps required to engineer and manufacture safe, engaging, skill-building kits."

Miles Leach, CEO

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